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Important info' for CIS related manufacturers & sellers
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Post Important info' for CIS related manufacturers & sellers 
This information is relevant to anyone who manufactures, sells or has any direct connection with any aspect of Continuous Ink Supply systems. This includes inks, cartridge refilling, CIS kits, paper, etc...

Bottom line, self promotion of your products is ok to a point but:
  1. You must clearly identify yourself as being a trader/seller/manufacturer in your profile and in your posts
    (I would also suggest you put your company name, url in your signature)

  2. You will not answer every post with details of your products or engage in any spamming activity to try and raise your products profile.

  3. You or anyone connected with you (family, friends, etc..) will not register additional accounts with the intention of falsely promoting your product or criticising your competitiors.

  4. You will accept genuine reviews of your products benefits and failings (good/bad points), professionally.
    If you have a complaint about a review then please address it directly to me and I will review the matter accordingly.

  5. Maintain a professional approach at all times.
    Abuse is unnecessary and makes you look unprofessional and stupid so don't do it.

Anyone caught trying to spam their product or abuse their competitors will have their company identified and shamed on the forum, and in reviews.

Bottom line:

If your product or service works as well as your marketing says, then you will ultimately benefit from a positive community response and sales.
If your product or service gets criticism then view it as something you can learn from and improve your product, so if you are getting criticism you should ask yourself why and work to resolve the issues raised.

These rules are in your interests as well as those of the end users. If you spam, your product will look cheap and shoddy

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