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Waste Ink Tank/Reset: MP750 / MP780
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Post Waste Ink Tank/Reset: MP750 / MP780 
MP750 / MP780 reset instructions..

These instructions should allow you to reset the ink waste counter on your Canon MP750 or MP780 but they should ONLY be used once you've actually replaced the waste ink pads or handled some form of waste ink collection that doesn't cause the pads to overflow. If you ignore this, you'll end up damaging your printer with ink overflowing into the system!!

- To select something... Use the '-' and '+' buttons and then the "OK" button.
- To go back... Use the "Stop/Reset" button
- To reset... Use the "On/Off" button (only after you've gone back as far as possible it seems)

  1. Service menu: Menu -> Scan -> Copy -> Scan (one at a time in sequence)
  2. Select "TEST MODE"
  3. Select "[8] ETC.."
  4. Select "[4] EEPROM CLEAR"
  5. Select "[1] INK COUNT"
  6. Press the [OK] button.
  7. Press the [Stop/Reset] button (returns you to the TEST MOD sub-menu))
  8. press the [ON/OFF] button (which resets the printer)

TIP: Don't rush the printer as it can often take considerable time to respond to your commands. Frantic button pressing will just push the printer into snail mode (ie: slow as hell!).

I'll be working on a way to create a set of instructions for installing a waste ink tank for the head cleaning system/pump soon. Just don't expect it before Xmas. Smile

not soon Zzzzz Wink

Printers: (Canon) MP500/830, MX700, iP4000/4200/4300/4500/5200, iX4000(A3) (Epson) C84/86, D88, CX6600, R285/800/1900 (HP) K550, K850, K5400, L7680
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