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Get The Best Colour From Your CIS With A Custom Profile
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Post Get The Best Colour From Your CIS With A Custom Profile 
Make Your Colour Better

A good inkjet printer, with a reliable CIS and good quality ink, can give photo quality equal to that achievable with OEM cartridges, at a fraction of the cost.


Even the best third-party inks struggle to provide an exact match to the colour rendering of OEM cartridges. This means that when you print using the default printer profiles installed with the printer driver, the colour balance is likely to be wrong. Prints may have an overall colour cast, or be too dark or too light. Some faults can be corrected fairly simply in your image editing software; more often, colour casts are non-linear - different in shadows and highlights - making correction much more difficult.

Many CIS users are disappointed with the photo quality given by their new systems and some simply give up. If you are one of the disappointed users, don't give up. The answer to your problem may simply be a custom printer profile. A custom profile can restore your colour accuracy and will normally give you brighter, more realistic colours. An end to green or magenta faces in your family portraits, and a return to real blue skies in your holiday shots.

Whether you print on paper, canvas or DVDs, with dye, pigment or dye-sublimation inks, a custom profile can transform your colours. The process is not difficult and it doesn't cost and arm and a leg!

You can get a custom profile from Hermitage Photo Services for only £14 - quickly repaid in reduced wastage of paper and of your precious time.

Hermitage Photo Services is a small family-run business that prides itself on its friendly, personal service. The business is run by Roger Barrett, a qualified Physicist, enthusiastic photographer and CIS user, who is happy to give help and advice by phone or e-mail.

To find out more, visit or e-mail

Roger Barrett BSc(Hons), LRPS
Trading as:-

Helping To Make Your Colour Better

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