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Hey folks...

As I'm sure you'll probably agree, the use of a forum to handle the topic of Waste ink modifications is all well and good but, when it comes to instructions and information, there are better ways to present and provide the data.

So, after a great deal of head scratching and hard work I've opted for a new WordPress based site Waste-Inklings. Whilst it's not perfect it's considerably better than the CMS (Content Management System) on my Octoink store so I'll be slowly transferring all the guides from there across to the new site as well.

Amongst other things I'm also branching out to include the issue of reset utilities which seems rather obvious now but when I first started out there was only the SSC utility and 4manuals. Now, it seems, every blogger and his digital dog has a resetter site, many of them with the exact same utilities. Unfortunately many of them are purely there to make advertising revenue but there's a few diamonds in the rough and I'll be linking where appropriate.

Probably worth noting that I'm not looking to duplicate content but instead provide the information that people actually need to make them work, along with FAQ style articles on things to watch out for when using them.

Worth noting, I'm not going to let the articles turn into "I need this utility, please email me" comment trails, nor will it be an interactive support site (at least not through the blog). So, this place isn't ready for the scrap heap or anything.

Anyway... Feel free to meander over that way and take a look... Constructive comments, welcome, as always and I hope it all proves useful... Smile

Printers: (Canon) MP500/830, MX700, iP4000/4200/4300/4500/5200, iX4000(A3) (Epson) C84/86, D88, CX6600, R285/800/1900 (HP) K550, K850, K5400, L7680
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