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Review: Lyson CIS for Epson R2880
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Post Review: Lyson CIS for Epson R2880 
After much deliberation , I decided to purchase a lyson 9 channel CIS for my R2880 printer. Purchased from Marrutt (in the UK) it cost £189 with 60ml of each ink, except for the newly formulated magentas, which they kindly sent me 125ml bottles of as I think they are still waiting for the smaller bottles to come in stock...still, I'm not complaining.
The online video tutorials proved invaluable, and though they claim a set up time of around 45 minutes, I delibrately took things slowly and steadily, triple checking everything as I progressed with the installation. It took me around 2 hours to complete and the only hitch I encountered was incorrectly inserting the little plastic tube to fool the printer that the lid is closed.
I had printed their evaluation print beforehand using the Epson inks, and then again after I had installed the Lyson system. I used a generic profile for my paper (in this case Olmec Photo satin) and must admit there's absolutely no difference between the two. The next task is to set up custom profiles for my paper stocks.
All in all, after the initial installation, I am very pleased with this system, the results are, to be honest, way beyond what I had expected and are completely indistinguishable from the Epson cartridges.

By the way, I have no connection to Marrutt or Lyson Smile

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