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Waste ink kits : 2 New types coming soon
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Post Waste ink kits : 2 New types coming soon 
Having looked at the bag kits and tried to figure out improvements for a while now, I've realised there are some minor limitations which for 95% of users are really not a problem but for those who are using their printers a lot, the need to vent the bag becomes a more regular task which I'd imagine might get to be a chore after a while.

There's also got to be a subset of folks, like myself who like a nice tidy kit but can't help but want to "improve" the thing so I've also given some thought to those who would like to have a "play" Smile

The net result is two new types of kit which I'll be releasing to market when one key supply item arrives in the next few days.

Type #1 : The WIBOX Kit or "Box Kit" (pictures coming soon)
This may seem like a step backwards for but this kit will comprise a water tight enclosure coupled with the valve and fittings incorporated into the bags but without the bag. Shocked

It still has a vent (it has to have one to allow air out as ink comes in) but the key thing is where the vent is located and its size... The design takes into account that the box could end up swinging on the end of its tubing, with a considerable amount of ink but unless someone is nuts enough to put the box back upside down, it should not leak.

Type #2 : The DIY-WIB Kit
This kit provides all the tubing, seals, and fittings for someone with a bit more technical know-how to modify their own container into a waste ink kit. Perfect for those who want to cut the costs (especially the postage) down to the bare bones, recycle an existing container or simply use a single tank and connect up a number of printers on the same level*

These kits are tested out and are now waiting on a few things like instructions, troubleshooting FAQ, etc... but will be available on OctoInkjet soon so keep an eye out.

*Same Level? Any waste ink tank must be kept on the same level as the printers themselves otherwise the negative pressure on the waste tube can create a syphon effect that effectively empties the cartridges or CIS supply of a printer into the tank. Work on a Multi-level waste kit is on-going and we're hoping to have this available in the near future.

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