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CIS for less-popular models? (an Epson BX300F in my case)
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Post CIS for less-popular models? (an Epson BX300F in my case) 
Hi all...

Consider this my first foray into the wonderful inky world of CIS. I bought an Epson BX300F a few weeks ago (it's one of their SoHo-oriented MFDs) but it shares carts with a few other printers across their ranges, and I've seen a few sites advertising CISs for my model, so I'm assuming that there are one or two decent systems out there that'd work for my unit. (it must share common parts, print head, cartridge block etc, with other printers right? the inks are apparently compatible with the SX20, SX100/105/200/205/405/600FW amongst others from what I can tell...) I've also seen a few listings with BX300Fs with CISS fitted already,

As I'm already starting to run low on black, I thought it best to ask now so I can prepare myself for a purchase!

The BX300F has a flatbed scanner on top, but the lid is liftable while the printer is in operation. I think I'd be prepared to take a saw to the plastic case to make some notches to fit nozzles into the interior of the unit. However before I charge off and go modding like a crazy man, I was wondering if anybody had had any joy with installing a CISS into either this particular model of printer or knew of / could recommend a kit which would definitely work with this model of printer?

Any help, pointers etc will be much appreciated to help me make an informed choice. Given that my printer is probably one of the less popular models, if I do go the route of fitting a CISS I might just take some snapshots and document my progress for the benefit of others Smile However, I need your recommendations and any useful advice I might've missed (probably a lot).

Bear in mind I'm an almost complete newbie to CIS, although I do understand how it works and the various pros and cons. (It's not like I've never seen one in operation before - I've done some housekeeping in the past on a much larger CISS hooked up to a DTG garment printer... whose innards is based on an Epson inkject with some HEAVY modification to the print heads and internal mechanism. It's a sight to behold!)

If CISS is still a viable option for this device, suggestions for where to purchase a CIS from (in the UK, I will consider eBay too) are very welcome. I can Google all day and all night looking for sellers, but I'd rather deal with a reputable one people on here can recommend to me Smile

Thanks in advance, I know this was a bit of a monster first post but I look forward to sticking around here for a while yet. Smile

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